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観我聚焦 (中文)

Kanga Focusing (ENGLISH)

青空聚焦教示例 (ver.1,44)


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Clearing a Space クリアリング・ア・スペース


Clearing A Space appears out of the blue in Professor Eugene Gendlin’s book Focusing.  It is fascinating in that it is different from experiencing, the central principle of Focusing.You place your issues and feelings away from you in an adequate space.  It is like cleaning up a messy room filled with packages and boxes of our issues.  And now you can sit in a peaceful space.  Sometimes issues dissolve when there are placed in an adequate space.  Somewhat similar to mindfulness and meditation, I wonder where Professor Gendlin got this idea.

観我 フォーカシング  

KANGA Focusing

瞑想をしてみましょう。呼吸を「観て」いましょう。そうしていても、いろいろは雑念が浮かんできます。「あのシャツ買おうかな」—-そんな雑念をもっている私の<我>はどんな我なのでしょう?「おしゃれな我?」何歳くらい?どんな服を着ているの? 湧いてくる雑念の背景にいるいろいろな<我>たちを観察してみましょう。そしてそれらに感謝したり慈悲をおくってみましょう。

Try to meditate.  Keep “looking” at your breath.  Soon you’ll notice many thoughts — clatterings of the mind —-emerging.  “I wonder if I should buy that shirt?”—- Who is the ego-mind (self) that bring this thought to you?  A fashionable ego-mind?  What is this ego-mind dressed in?  How old?  Notice the selves operating behind each thought.  And thank them, or send compassion to them.

BLUE SKY FOCUSING    青空フォーカシング

And what if your worries were a cloud?  Feel each one of them.  Go one by one.  What kind of cloud is it?  How large? What color?  Go above the cloud and look down onto your world, layered with many clouds.  You are now the blue sky, not the clouds. Find yourself under the clouds.  Send compassion to yourself.  


Clearing A Space

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